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How Can Anyone Believe the Bible is God's Word?

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General Information on the Bible

Why Those 66 Books? What’s the Canon? Who picked the books?

Web Resources

10 Basic Facts Every Christian Should Know

Great Overvew Of the Following:

  • Introduction
  • What Is the Canon of Scriptue?
  • Who Decided Which Books Should Be Placed in the Bible?
  • What Criteria Were Used in Determining Which Books Belonged in the Bible?
  • How Do We Know the Correct Books Are in the Bible?
  • Do Jews and Christians Use the Same Old Testament?
  • Should Other Early Writings Be Placed in the Bible?
  • Why Was the Authority of Certain Old & New Testament Books Questioned?
  • What is the Apocrypha?
  • What about Other Books that Claim Biblical Authority?
  • Has God Revealed Anything Further to Mankind Since the First Century?
  • Can Anything Be Added to the Bible Today?

Fantastic Group of Articles on the Formation of the Accepted List of Books

The Authority of the Bible

The Inerrancy of Scripture