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Central Christian Care Ministry

Who We Are
Central Christian Church Care Ministry seeks to demonstrate the love of Christ to those in need. We desire to help create caring connections within the church and help others walk through challenging life events.

What We Do
Our mission is to connect volunteers with opportunities to serve those in need.

See VIDEO showing how Deborah Sanders and Care Team volunteers transformed the Greenway Manor. See a VIDEO of Warren Davidson & Daryl Fagenrecht recounting how they have been blessed both BY the Care Ministry AND then being part of it. See this VIDEO of Bob Johnson sharing his experiences with the Care Ministry and His Helping Hands.

Who We Serve
Our desire is to serve members of Central Christian Church who are homebound, widows and widowers, elderly, military families, and single parents. If you have a specific need and don't have resources in your support system, fill out our Care Need Request Form and we will see how we can assist you. Our Care Team will receive your request and begin follow-up.

If you would like to be a part of the Care Ministry Team, please fill out Care Team Member Interest Form.