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Visitation & Care Ministry

Is God inviting you to be a Care Ministry Volunteer?

The Care Ministry Team offers supportive services to those in need and provides an opportunity for people to live their faith by serving others. Through friendship and practical support, Care Ministry Volunteers function as extended family members doing a broad range of hands-on activities/tasks.

God calls us to be in relationship with one another. Many of our volunteers develop lasting friendships with those they serve, and those friendships strengthen the Body of Christ. Volunteers also discover that in giving of their time and abilities, their own faith grows.

If you're ready to serve in this ministry, please fill out the Care Team Member Interest Form or email the Care Ministry Team if you need more information about becoming a volunteer in the Care Home Ministry.

Adopt A Widow or Elderly Couple

Life is Better Connected! The Care Ministry Team is seeking to connect LifeGroups with our widow(er)s and elderly couples to help provide physical, spiritual and emotional assistance in times when family or other support systems are unavailable or exhausted.

Opportunities include yard work, small repairs, transportation, help with computers or any other digital devices, lifting or moving heavy items, helping to celebrate a birthday, provide fellowship, read the Bible & pray with them or anything the elderly find increasingly difficult to accomplish.

LifeGroups of all ages are welcome. You will be blessed! “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” James 1:27. For more information or to request to be paired up with a widow or elderly couple please email the Care Ministry Team or simply fill out the interest form.

The care and treatment of widows must be important to God. It's addressed in more than 20 Scriptures. How will you demonstrate your pure religion today?

Click here to watch a VIDEO of Joette Quinn and Josh Erhet (LifeGroup Leader)

Need some fresh ideas for demonstrating pure religion by ministering to widow(er)s or elderly couples in your church?


Take 12. For a new widow, make a notation on your personal calendar to remember the one-month anniversary of the death for 12 months. Personally contact them monthly with a simple phone call, a stop to visit, send an encouragement note, an invitation to dinner, or an invitation for a cup of coffee.

Notice them. Seek them out at church. Talk with them. Show love. Sit by them during worship. If they’re not there, call to check on them.

Listen. Don't avoid conversation about their late spouse. Whether they are a recent widow(er) or have been alone for decades, let them share memories.

Pray. Every time God brings them to mind, pray. Take the time to voice a prayer when you visit.

Be a friend. Laugh together. Cry together. Shop together. Carpool. Telephone. Text. Begin a new tradition with them by inviting them for a holiday, call each Sunday afternoon, plant flower bulbs each fall or taking them to lunch on their birthday.

Include them. Help them meet Christians with similar interests or life circumstances. Include widow(er)s on your guest list when you entertain. Ask them along for a family adventure, such as watching fireworks, a day trip or dinner. Invite them to join your Bunco club, book club, Bible study group, computer class or community club.

Think of the kids. When your ministry involves younger widows, be aware of her need for childcare to be provided. Consider adopting a young family that first Christmas after the death of the father and husband, helping out with the purchase of presents.

Share ministry. Discover their interests and talents, and carefully watch for ways they might enjoy serving at church. For example, if you teach a Sunday School or Vacation Bible School, invite them to help with records, greeting or substitute teaching.

Reading material. Share current magazines or books. Take them with you to the library or offer to pick up books, audio books or videos for them. Help them set up a DVD player and share your favorites. Program the television to record favorite programs.

Transportation. If they’re unable to drive, consider taking them with you for a weekly or monthly grocery shopping trip or offer to take them for doctor appointments.

When scheduling a visit to their home, mention that you'd love to spend a few minutes to replace smoke alarm batteries, sew on a button, anything they can't easily do for themselves.

Think of routine responsibilities that husbands often handle such as car maintenance, and offer to take the car to get the oil changed or tires rotated. Even the things they might have routinely done are often forgotten.


Visitation to Home Bound and Shut-ins

Ministry to the sick/home-bound and shut-ins invites us to respond to Jesus’ invitation: “I was sick and you visited me.”

Care Ministry Volunteers, using the skills of building relationships, listening and the gift of praying with others, will regularly visit sick/home-bound members/visitors of Central who welcome these compassionate visitors.

See VIDEO of Mike Rodriquez telling how the Care Ministry has helped them and another VIDEO of how Mike & Pam Lavin have been ministered to as Pam is dealing with A.L.S. disease.